The New Sonoma Diet says it is inspired by the way of eating popularized by the coastal Californian lifestyle, a way of eating that is simple and flavorful, comprised of enjoyable foods that support a healthy lifestyle.”

The New Sonoma Diet promises to be a lifestyle, rather than a diet. By committing to lifestyle changes, followers should enjoy benefits such as improved health and increased energy. This way of eating encourages people to treat meals as a celebration and to indulge in healthy pleasures. While participants should lose weight effortlessly (and permanently,) dieters should feel satisfied and should always enjoy their foods.

The New Sonoma Diet does not utilize “diet food,” rather it embraces whole and vibrant flavors: meals are nourishing and delicious, and promise to be delicious and easy. There are no complicated calculations required, no micromanaging of foods – The New Sonoma Diet says “all the science has been done for you.”

Like many approaches to managed nutrition, The New Sonoma Diet is broken into three phases, called Waves.

  • In Wave 1 (which lasts ten days,) restricts all sugar and most starches. Saturated fats are also limited. During Wave 1, dieters don’t consume any fruit or sugar. A very small amount of artificial sweeteners or diet soda is technically permitted, but is discouraged. Meals should be comprised of lean protein sources, some low fat dairy products, one serving of beans, non-starchy vegetables, and a small amount of nuts. Some fats are allowed, such as olive oil and some nuts.
  • Wave 2 is where dieters will remain until their goal weight is realized and promises steady and noticeable weight loss. The emphasis remains on wholesome and fresh foods. Dieters are encouraged to enjoy at least one meal per day in a leisurely manner, savoring each bite. Exercise becomes an important factor in Wave 2, participants are asked to commit to whatever exercise they choose to do. More fruits are allowed during Wave 2, and some additional vegetables. Fat intake remains relatively low. Some sugar-free sweets are allowed, in addition to a little dark chocolate, along with small amounts of honey. You can even enjoy a glass of wine with one meal per day. I’m guessing that for most people, this meal will not be breakfast. Portion sizes should be somewhat controlled.
  • Wave 3 of the New Sonoma Diet means you have achieved your goal weight and that you are allowed to incorporate all fruits and vegetables into your eating plan. Continue to avoid refined grains, fatty meats, and hydrogenated fats and continue to maintain portion control. This final wave of the diet is meant to be largely defined by the dieter.

The New Sonoma Diet encourages participants to embrace a lifestyle change by eating wholesome and enjoyable foods that sustain life and provide enjoyment. The New Sonoma Diet offers flavorful, Mediterranean-inspired cuisines via a plan that seems to be sustainable and relatively effortless.