Consume fresh fruit dailyWhat is a Healthy Weight Loss Diet?

Fresh Fruit, Raw Vegetables, Water, Nuts, Beans and Whole Grains as the main ingredients of a healthy balanced diet are the keys to healthy weight loss. Yes, to lose weight we need to exercise, but the key to Healthy Weight Loss is what you put in your body.

When you put garbage in it does not all come out. Much of the garbage we put into our bodies festers, grows and contaminates our bodies. This garbage is manifested as excess fat and disease. So our focus should be on what we put in our bodies. You begin to see the pattern that effective diets and weight loss are based on eating a balanced diet of natural foods.

Eat Lots of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

Fresh Fruit gives us energy, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are a good source of fiber and help keep our digestive system clean. Diseases are primarily caused by our digestive system not working properly and getting backed up. Our body then fights these intruders and our immune and other defenses are weak and easily give in to disease. Fresh fruit is what we should wake up to everyday, being the major part of breakfast.

Raw vegetables are just as important as fresh fruit as the also give us energy, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The green vegetables offer a lot of roughage which is great for digestion. We can not overestimate balance in our diet. Even balance in each category. It is not enough to eat a salad every day and assume you are getting the benefit of a healthy diet even though you may lose a little weight.

First of all iceberg lettuce offer little nutritional value. Try romaine and spinach as well as other more colorful greens. Secondly, color diversity is a diversity in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and we do not need one type of raw vegetable to the exclusion of other types. The same thing goes with fruit. Color diversity equal a balanced diet which helps weight loss.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is the most important part of our diets. Many experts say drink 8 glasses per day. Other experts suggest you should drink ½ your bodies weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 200 pounds you should drink 100 ounces or 12 to 15 glasses of water per day. The message is the same drink plenty of water. The benefits of drinking plenty of water are similar to eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

Choose Your Protein Sources Wisely

Nuts, Beans and Whole Grains make up the balance of what we should eat. Meat has become the substitute for nuts, beans and whole grains. Along with fresh fruit and raw vegetables they make up every seed bearing plant and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. Nutritionally; nuts, beans and whole grains provide the protein we get from meat. We should always eat whole grain breads and pastas versus processed foods that have strip the nutrients, vitamins and minerals out and try to add some back in. Those they call enriched. Which would you prefer.