Hi everyone and welcome to my Blog. Physical and mental fitness has always been a passion of mine ever since childhood. It started in elementary school when I got involved in martial arts. Martial Arts changed my life for ever.

A Little About My Life

My 6th grade year was the best year in my adolescence. I had been in martial arts for over a year by then. My body and mind had transformed. I was mentally and physically stronger, faster, more confident and in the best shape I had ever been in up to that point in my young life. I was not picked on any longer and became more popular at school. I started excelling in sports. I was a tremendous athlete.


This followed me all through high school. I finished my senior year in high school with many athletic awards. I was voted as “Most Athletic” by my classmates. Made the All State Team in football, was a top competitor in the state in power lifting and track. I played basketball, I loved competing and I was good at it. I was a state champion in Karate. All of this in the great state of Texas. To be amoungst the best in such a large and competitive state was a huge accomplishment that I can be proud of.

My Life Was About To Change For Ever

I stayed very active and worked out constantly after I graduated from high school and started my journey into adult hood. I enrolled into Universal Technical Institute to train to be an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technician. I went to school 30 hours a week while I also worked 40 plus hours at Computer City selling computers. Over 70 hours a week for 11 months straight. It was brutal but I crushed it.


Two years after graduating U.T.I. It was the summer of 1998, one of the hottest summers in Texas history. I was working 90+ hours a week. Something started happening with my body and mind. I was feeling very weak and was a mental mess. I was having brain fog, depression and physical weakness and fatigue.


I did not know what was wrong with me. I would step out of my service van and collapse because my legs were so weak. All I wanted to do was sleep. I went to hospitals, doctors and no one could tell me what was going on. Some would say it’s all in your head, you need mental help. My bosses would look down on me as if I was trying to get out of work. I knew otherwise. Something was wrong with me.


I started self diagnosis online and eventually diagnosed myself with chronic fatigue syndrome. In my mind there was no cure and if it was something serious doctors would have found it by now. I was content with this self diagnosis. It was very difficult to continue my life as I lived it previously.


I would drink energy drinks constantly to get through the day. I would have to pull over while driving and take a 10-15 minute power nap as I was so sleepy. I was miserable. I could no longer work out because it would make me weaker and looser motor function of arms and legs. This continued for 10 VERY LONG years.


Because I couldn’t work out and I was constantly Hungary I started to gain weight and my physical appearance and ability was diminishing. It was the spring of 2008 when it finally had gotten so bad that I couldn’t walk to the restroom one night. My brother was living with us at this time. I crawled to his bed room and got him to help me to the rest room. He was confused and didn’t know I had these weakness attacks. He took me to the hospital.


They discovered that my potassium was so low that I was about to die. My potassium level was a 1.2 most people don’t survive 2.0 or below. My heart was beating less than 40 beats a minute and my respiratory muscles were struggling. After 2 IVs pumping potassium chloride into my veins for days my levels stabilized. I was in the hospital for a week.


I finally had a preliminary diagnosis of Hypo Kalemic Periodic Paralysis. A really rare muscular neurological disease. Attacks are triggered by strenuous muscle activity and diet. I spent countless hours researching the disease so I could understand what was happening with my body.

In 2003, I was working on the roof and fell 25 feet to the ground. It damaged my body quite badly. My back was a mess. I really started gaining weight the next years to follow. I went from 143 Lbs in high school to 185 Lbs by 2008.


2018 The Worst Year of My Life!

The year started great we were on a family vacation with some friends of ours in New Mexico. We had never been skiing and this was our first time to go.


One day were going to go hiking to a water fall. We started our hike down the trail. I made it about 15 minutes before I was too exhausted to continue.


I just thought it was my potassium being low and the altitude. I told my wife I was going back to truck and they could continue hike. I went to truck.


We started our journey back to Texas at the end of our vacation I started having difficulty breathing. Again I thought it was the altitude. We got closer to Texas border I had a severe pain deep in my chest. I hunched over steering wheel and kept going. I didn’t really think much of it. The pain went away after 45 minutes or so.


Many hours later we were about 2 hours from home and I had another episode of chest pain. Again I toughed it out and keep going. I never mentioned any of the pains to my wife. We finally made it home at midnight. We were exhausted. Everyone fell asleep very quickly except me. I was starting to feel pains again and this time it was in my back also. The pain was constant and nagging. I started to search online the symptoms. All I read was saying your having a heart attack, call 911.


I didn’t wake my wife. I drove to hospital and they took me back immediately. I was for sure having a heart attack and they took me into surgery very quickly. I was very lucky to survive. (As I write this I am getting ready to go to a funeral for my neighbor and friend whom didn’t survive his heart attack last weekend. (RIP Clay Williams)


In August 2018 I was having more problems with my heart and more. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Kidney disease and congestive heart failure. So now I find myself to really trying to take control of my health to extend my life for my family. I can’t take the thought of my kids loosing their father way¬†too early. They are my why.


I Would Love To Help and Inspire You

I want to help save and change lives with knowledge and education. I have been given so many second chances at life and I want to use them to help others. Your family and friends need you around. If you are struggling with weight or health problems I hope you get something positive from my site. I will be giving you my own personal experiences with diet and health as I make a journey to do better and live longer.


My Goal With This Site

I want to feed you with my personal experiences as I myself go on my health and fitness journey. My trials and tribulations of the Noom Diet Program.

All the best,

Adam Brzoswski